Why Us ?

Why Recruit from Senyo Agencies

Sri Lanka is a Third World Country so there isn't much construction work going on in Sri Lanka, so there are a lot of Skilled people willing to go abroad to earn a living, therefore we have created our company "Senyo Agencies"in order to help those people to go abroad and earn a living, increase their living standards, further increase their skill levels in their relevant industries and create them a better future. and in the mean time we are hoping to bring foreign exchange into the country and help our country grow.

We are also a highly reputed company in the Manpower Supply industry in Sri Lanka through our mother company A.D.Senadeera & Company (Pvt) Ltd. as we are one of the leading manpower Suppliers in Sri Lanka. If you choose our company it means that you are also helping a whole country. Our company motto is " Clients First " , we are giving you our best service.